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The Supply Chain Visibility Conference & Exhibition 2024 will be the key to accelerate the strategic roadmap and hold a promising meeting place for the industry to develop new projects involving revolutionary technology using AI, IoT, Cloud computing and GPS enable real-time tracking and monitoring of goods throughout the supply chain, providing valuable data on location, condition, and performance.

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The primary goal of the conference is to drive advancements in the supply chain, ensuring a prosperous future. By bridging the gap between execution, planning and strategy we aim to revolutionize the supply chain industry. We offer a comprehensive solution to identify potential risks and opportunities that could affect your supply plan. By integrating supply chain planning throughout the entire end-to-end process, you can optimize your demand plan, striking the perfect balance between market opportunities and your supply network’s capabilities.
Attendees will engage in in-depth discussions on the benefits of precise transit times and multimodal ETAs, forging strategic partnerships with reliable carriers to achieve on-time delivery, eliminating blind spots in visibility, and implementing effective supply chain management techniques. Through these initiatives, we strive to minimize costs linked to delays, demurrage, expediting, and inventory holdings, ultimately leading to significant improvements and gain proactive exception management capabilities, reduce fees, and delight your customers.
With an intense 2-days agenda, the conference seeks to enhance your supply chain efficiency with our comprehensive solutions. By attending our event, you will have the opportunity to engage with industry leaders, government officials, and port authorities who are at the forefront of supply chain innovation.
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4 Business Aims Supply Chain Visibility Conference Participants Have

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Face-To-Face Networking With Supply Chain Leaders
2 (3)
Learning About Latest Projects & Technologies
3 (2)
Finding Partners, Investors, Or Key Clients
4 (2)
Presenting Exclusive Visibility Case Studies, New Projects, And Insights
Attendee Demographics
Through our virtual platform, you will have the opportunity to connect with all job levels of professionals in the industry. This means that you can discover new solutions, innovative technology, market outlooks and insight into consumer trends from various external perspectives.
Take part in 1-to-1 meetings and virtual chats with potential leads and showcase your solutions in front of industry leaders. Find empowered buyers and/or decision-makers from across the globe all in one place.
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Logistics & Supply Chain Companies
Freight Operation & Transportation
Service Providers
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Project Directors, Heads Of Technical Dept
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